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    I was raised not to cuss around women and children, and I don't. I also think it is unproffessional to cuss in front of your customers. When I don't have to watch my language I cuss alot. When I do need to watch my language I use an alternative word such as snick. I think a woman that cusses profusely is a turn off. There are exceptions, like walking in the door and your old lady walking up, grabbing you by the collar and saying f--- me. Now that is the sh-t.
    You can't be everything to everybody.

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    Yes and there are exceptions like when they are under you or their head is driven into the bed board.

    That's about it.

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    Originally posted by square2round
    Cuss words are in my everyday vocabulary. I don't need a reason to cuss. I have a very bad mouth. But I won't cuss in front of someone I don't know without them doing it first, and I don't say bad, bad words in front of my parents. If someone doesn't cuss, I try not to do it in front of them. I admit, I have a cussing problem.
    Me too. My Italian wife drops the f bomb at some unexpected times herself.

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    No, not here.. enough

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