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    Aprilaire 800 installation concerns

    I am a homeowner and had an Aprilaire 800 professionally installed today. The technician decided to provide power to the humidifier by tapping into the existing circuit for the furnance. I am no electrician but I thought that the 800 draws 12.7 amps and I'm sure the furnance has a pretty big draw when the blower is running. When I looked at the breaker box, I noticed that the circuit breaker for the furnance is a 15 amp breaker. Should I be concerned about this? Should I make the HVAC company pay for an electrician to run a dedicated line to the panel or swap out the 15 amp circuit for a larger one?

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    I believe the 800 needs a 20A circuit. I wouldn't want to tie them together. Asking for trouble.

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    Anything that pulls amperage like that needs its own circuit. I personally would have a 20amp breaker installed with the proper gauge wire. I would not just swap breakers without knowing what wire gauge is currently being used. Its never a good idea to just put a bigger breaker in.

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