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    Wh-o-o-o-o-a-a! That's one big dog!
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    Hell Hole Swamp
    Here is my ferocious attack Pit Bull.........not

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    Slacking off right now
    This Photo was taken the afternoon I had to put the old guy down - orange sized lump in his stomach cavity.

    Poor guy He was a good dog Had strength most bigger dogs did not

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    Originally posted by The Penguin
    This Photo was taken the afternoon I had to put the old guy down - orange sized lump in his stomach cavity.

    was the lump located on the side of the belly ...where the back leg joins the spine...sort of between the hip and ribs?

    what was it? cancer?


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    Here is Sasha. She is an Akita. I know she looks like a German shepard but she is not. Best dog in the world. I had her in security class but after bad mis-hap she blew out her knee and hasent been able to keep up with the other dogs. But Still the best.

    the cat on the left is Tabitha Calico, The reason for that name is because she is a little witch, and the other one is Gunner. He is a Main Coon, huge cat.

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    My cat could be a twin of Outside Rep's cat!

    The picture isn't that great because it's from my camera phone. She is my baby!

    >>>edit... fixed pic

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    Just look at all these cats..

    My dog loves cats.

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    Holy cow rep! What in the world are you feeding them? They didn't look like they weighed that much in your pictures!

    My cat is female, and about 12 lbs. She looks more like Scotch than Inky, at least in the eyes.

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    Originally posted by kgouker
    Holy cow rep! What in the world are you feeding them?
    Now ask yourself... how much does HE weigh? LOL

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    This is Froggy not long after I got him and I cut his hair.

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    james sig line
    A woman came up to me the other night and stood next to me with large boobs wearing a sweat shirt that said "GUESS" across the front.
    I said.....their fake?
    That's a good one!

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    . . . and the other one was fake ?

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    my rotie loves cats too....especialy with ketchup and a side order of fries.
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