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    Originally posted by tim fox

    If you come to me saying that you found another job and you want me to match that offer, I would gladly help you unload your truck.

    Talk to the boss first!
    ........................................Point being, I found a better paying job. So who cares. If you have a problem with a guy wanting to strive for better, who needs you.
    Well I sure don't want a guy with your attitude......

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    You’re already getting paid more than anyone else who’s unwilling to do your job.

    If you’re not getting what your worth, find another job and quit. Why would your employer give you a raise if you are already doing the job for less? And if your employer tries to give you a raise after you give notice, then he is not the type of person you need to work for. If your employer doesn’t think you are valuable enough to pay you what you’re worth without you having to threaten to quit, then go to work for someone who will.
    "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten". --Benjamin Franklin
    "Don't argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience". --Mark Twain

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    Damn right air1!!!!I thought I was the only one in here that feels that way.Well said.

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    Man how many of you guys are still in middle school?
    If you are not man enough to talk to another person about your wants and needs then you should probably just find another job every 6 weeks

    I would also agree if you find another job before talking to me then c-ya I don’t go in for being strong armed but would listen to any request
    If you want to seal the deal then back it up with numbers like I make this much for the company

    Because although you may not like to hear it you are only worth so much run the numbers (you should have a pretty good idea what you do for the company) see how much you make compared to what you cost

    One last point I do not know of anyone who ever started a business for the purpose of paying employees
    It is an expense and should be dealt with accordingly you pay what you have to not the max of what you can afford it is the way it is period
    You pay a fair wage to keep guys but the long and sort of it is, if you can find someone who will do the same job at the same quality for less money then why would you pay ore then you have to?

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