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Thread: JCI/YORK

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    Does anyone know how the transformation will take place?
    What about duplicate jobs like, service mngrs, branch mngrs etc.
    Some contractors in my area had good working relationships with york where they bought equip, york supported it & left their customer alone.
    I wonder how thats going to pan out.
    Also, if johnson takes everything over completely & chokes out some of the duplicate positions along with a few mechanics, I wouldn't be suprised to hear of a few companies starting up.
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    In our area JCI really has no mechanical service presence. 3 techs I think. I was told by our York rep that JCI bought York to help it expand the JCI Worldwide services group which is mostly in house staffing.
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    if JCI is planning on installing even just one person to oversee the York way of office management that will reflect into the jobs.probably just in the time factor but the quality should stay.JCI i heard doesn't have dispatchers and the techs schedule their own work from jobs,York is still much like that here.the bigger jobs with 6 techs on them is a different animal for York,i doubt JCI will touch that especially with building engineers looking for jobs to be done right.if they did mix the techs i could see the York guys shutting down when it came to info.their very protective of the jobs they cover especially as the tonnage gets up there into the 2000 ton ranges!the office here just went thru a "blow-torching"(fitters to upper MGMT)2 years ago and the dust recently just cleared.....then the JCI thing came into play?
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    The smaller branches are to merge, larger ones will not.
    The pilot just started and will be rolled out nation wide by April I believe.
    JCI used to have local dispatchers, then did away with them, and now they are back again.
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    Its all a mess right now. The one thing we have been told that it will end up as one. What dictates shops merging is location. We have a big JCI shop and a fairly good size York shop pretty close together and they will eventually be one. As far as mechanics not sharing information we are all the same local here and many are friends. It wasnt a problem when the companys were seperate let alone together. Most all of the JCI chiller guys have come from an OEM some time or another. My biggest worry is the big bully big corporation idea. The bigger these companys get the tougher it is for us to leverage. Fewer games in town.

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    they will fail. Some great work to be had as this all boils down over the next 2 years. There going to lose and many independants will finally get another shot at some of this stuff. If I were a mechanic involved, I'd start networking now.

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