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    Missing furnace filter

    I have a Carrier 58HDV furnace but for some reasons, there is no filter along with it although the owner menu say it should. I opened the blower compartment and cannot find it.

    I also confirmed with the previous owner. He said instead, I have to replace the filters installed at the return vents.

    Is there any issue if there is no filter inside the furnace at all? Is it a misconfiguration?


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    A long as the filters are present in all of the reurn grilles and they are the "filter grille" type that is good enough

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    I see. Thanks for the quick reply. To certain extent, I think this is good because that means I don't need to open up my furnace at all.

    I have no idea what "filter grille" is but I guess I can google it.

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    The big metal squares on your walls or ceiling

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