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    Elec heat staging with heat pump

    15kw on a sigle stage HP
    what is the best way to stage the elec heat and or stat to control it

    as of now its set to .5 deg drop brings HP on 2 deg drop 5 kw aux

    once its 20 out side HP shuts off and turns on 10 kw and 5 as the aux

    what do you all think is the most EFF way to stage it

    or whats your thoughts on running the heat pump all the time and better staging of the stat or rewire for 3 stage of elec heat rather than 2 .... so i would have 3 banks of 5kw and not the 2 of 5kw. and 10kw..

    just tossing this out there would like thoughts thanks..

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    Let the heat pump run. Even below 20 it is more efficient than electric heat.
    It's not rocket-science...

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    A heat pump has different capacities at different outdoor temperatures. It cannot produce enough heat for the heat loss at a certain temperature. A professional would need to plot a balance chart of the home's heat loss versus the heat pump's capacity. Where the two intersect is the point at which you need the strip heaters. You can then stage the strip heaters to come on as the temperature gets lower.

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    the system was set to call for heat above 20 heatpump and if 2 deg call for heat bring in 5 kw aux heat..
    if its below 20 bring on 10 kw 1st than if 2 deg drop bring on the aux 5kw..

    i do do this for a living and this was the droop it called for when the house was had its mj back a few years ago..

    my question is what do you all think about staging it with a better stat... i agree that hp is better than elec heat but there is a time when running the hp its a waste of power.... so systems runs it all the time and stage on the heat like with a trane 402 stat but my thoughts are if someone had a better idea im open to it...

    for example my next door neighbor got one of the stat from the power company and he runs his hp and aux is all 15kw with heat pump all the time and if below 20 all heat no stages and his power bills are low... same house and same system...

    with everyday more new stuff i was looking what you all think

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    I don't know
    I think it's better to allow the heatpump to run continuously and use a good t-stat to cycle the aux based on the indoor temp.

    The better stats don't work based on a fixed differential.

    i agree that hp is better than elec heat but there is a time when running the hp its a waste of powe
    ...when the cop drops below 2 it's probably not worth while.
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