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    Confused Lennox zone system with HARMONY III

    Hi guys, having trouble with my LENNOX 13 -ACD-060-230-02 with HARMONY III Zone system. Recently, it has been tripping the Fault recall during cooling. The A/C tech says it can be caused by a dirty filter. Tried changing filter this time and no luck. Board is completely dead- no LED lights or Green status light. The first time this happened, it reset itself after 24 hrs. The A/C powered up again normally the next day as if nothing happened. This time though, I tried everything
    I did the first time and nothing. Any ideas on something else that could be causing this? Thanks for any info.

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    Thanks, found and fixed the problem. Don't worry, won't bother posting in the WRONG section anymore. WOW, what great advice you people give on here! LAME!

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