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Thread: cooling issues

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    Confused cooling issues

    My property located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. It uses to have a 2 Tonís A/C work for this 2 floor old building more than 20 years. Few years ago this 2 Tonís A/C was upgraded into a new 3 Tonís one instead of by a local cooling company. The sales representative told me the bigger A/C has more power capacity with high efficiency, it would be better than never before. But unfortunately Since the new 3 Tonís one was installed, it never could make cool enough air to properly work for the building, In hot summer days, when you touched the air come out from the registers, it absolutely was not cold. The inside temperature was above 30 C degree even the A/C running in 24 hours a day. I contacted same cooling company many times in every year, they always sent someone to check it, but the issue never could be solved. In the Third year, they gave me the conclusion was my original duct work system doesnít match new 3 Tonís A/C and the original duct system needs to be improved with extra $2000 cost. I believe they installed wrong size A/C or any other reason because I never had problem with 2Tonís A/C work at the same duct system condition. I really donít know what was real reason caused the problem happened, if I ask them change 2 Tonís A/C back, is this a correct requirement?

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