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    Oil Safety Valve - Snap noise and now stuck open

    Was opening the valve when I heard a snap noise. Now the knob and the stem spin as one piece. I can also move the knob and stem (as one piece) in and out by about a quarter inch. Valve is stuck open.

    I don't see any markings on the valve body. I hesitate to remove the knob by holding the stem without further knowledge since the furnace is still working at this time.

    Does anyone know why the stem spins? Is the problem only with the knob or do you think there is something internal broken?

    Thanks for any info.

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    You might have a problem Peto, all the thermal safety valves I've Seen, only the knob should be spinning, the stem slides up and down.

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    to me like you over-tightened and broke it. Seen that many times with thermal valves. At least it's in the open position and not shut.


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    you stripped the wax inside it. need a new one.

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    OK. Thanks for the replies.
    Maybe it would be easier if I had someone just change the "guts" of the valve. I hopefully attached a photo of the valve. Does anyone recognize the manufacturer or where I can get it from?

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    a pro would have a couple fixes;

    A) replace the valve itself

    B) install a second valve after this one and hope the original never shuts.

    I do not think the "guts" are replaceable, but never checked into that.
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    This begs the first question, why were you messing with the valve? DIY? Now you're in deep trouble, eh? You need a new handle, not a new valve. But stop with the DIY and higher a qualified, licensed tech to do the oil work. You've got 275-gallonsn or more of hazardous material in that tank. You don't know grief until it's contents is on your basement floor. You're playing with disaster there my friend. Again, invest in a qualified tech to do all your oil work. Unless you like to see your home up on jacks so they can get under the foundation to remove the contaminated soil. I've seen it many times and it's not a fun thing.

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