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    Any one out there ever change out these motors.We did like 11 of these 15 to 30 HP at a resesrch facility and there wasn't a S.O.P. to prevent contact with what was in the plenum or "nozzle". Does anybody know of one.

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    We have many Strobic Fan systems on campus. In one building I have two units, each with 4 30 hp fans per plenum.
    I have not had to change out any motors yet although I have had to change all the wind bands. These particular units are the older type. On the inlet to each fan there is an Isolation Damper that should (ha!) close when the fan is off, although this is not going to be an air-tite seal. I think it will will allow air to be pulled backwards through the nozzle, into the plenum and out through the other fans if they are running.
    This backward flowing air should be all outdoor air and perhaps will dilute and purge the exhaust from the fan area. However, there will still be residual chemicals and gunk stuck to the fan and fan impeller parts, including the damper.
    When the time comes that I have to change motors I will give one and two weeks notice to all Fume Hood users that work is to be performed on the system and the exhaust will be shut down. I will co-ordinate this with our in-house Department of Health and Safety to make sure any thing dangerous is removed from the hoods.
    If I feel it will be required, I will ask to have the equiptment professionally cleaned an decontaminated by a company that specializes in this work.
    I will suit-up in tyvek, wear purple nitrile gloves and a resperator.

    I do not think there is any SOP per se and in my case I have the resources available to do it this way.

    My biggest worry is how am I gonna pull those motors? That's gotta be a big pain in the ass. How did you do 11? All at once? With crane? Easy job or hard?

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