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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckcrj View Post
    That's less than I can install a blower motor for.
    me too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keano016 View Post
    The installing company, one of the largest in the area is claiming that warranty is only 1 year and wants $405 to fix it. Smells like a rip off to me. Would appreciate if any of you can help me with the model number of the motor.
    its motor #1....that a good number

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    Quote Originally Posted by keano016 View Post
    Can anybody tell me what is the type of an induction motor that my furnace uses? The furnace model is gks90703bxa. i have found the service manual and it indicates a 1/3 hp blower, but trying to find the actual model number is very difficult.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    induction? for the flue or are you calling the fan motor a induction motor?

    why are you contemplating changing / pricing the motor?

    and why is the motor being replaced?
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    motor should have five year warranty you should have bought exten warr it would have covered labor to

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    Quote Originally Posted by james32 View Post
    motor should have five year warranty you should have bought exten warr it would have covered labor to
    Yea what he said

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    Guys, please follow the AOP forum rules

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