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    Freezer Maintenance and repair

    I am responsible for the maintenance and repair of several coolers and freezers in my place of bussiness What is the best way to grow in my knowledge of these systems. I have some HVAC experience with very little in coolers and freezers. Can anyone reccomened a good book or other refrence material to help me gain a better understanding. Thanks for the help

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    This site is one of the best references that I have found in my years of doing this trade.

    Aside from that, the RSES SAM (free for members) is an excellent resource.

    There are some books on Refrigeration for HVAC guys, but I'm still looking for an "HVAC for the Fridgy" book.......

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    Vacuum coils every month like the manual says
    If the superheat ain't right it ain't charged right.

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