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    Rew,on existing instalations, if you downsize more than one size you may run into air flow problems unless the blower cfm is the same because of duct sizing.As far as load calc, once you become confident in the equiptment size that the program says to install you need to be able to explain to the HO that the furnace or air will run a lot more than their old unit did but will cost less as a result of using smaller equiptment.But they will be more comfortable because everything is sized correctly.

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    Yep, that's about it Rew. You do a load calc on a change out. Quite often you find the existing equipment was the right size, sometimes not. Whatever the case, you've got yourself a great sales tool because you care enough to size it right. With HVAC-Calc it only takes about 15 minutes to do a whole house calculation, not bad for almost a sure sale!

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    Thank you gentlemen for your input. I understand now, how you are applying it to your change outs. By everyones comments it sounds like hvac-calc is a great product and has paid for itself over and over again. I must have it!!!! Thanks again.

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