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    Rob S Guest


    Hi Jerry C - It's hard to give up those old habits isn't it. I have used HVAC-Calc for years and have previously done Manual J calcs by hand. Either way, by hand or by HVAC-Calc, you come up with the same answer, at least you do after you fix all the mistakes you make doing them by hand.

    I did a load calc using Manual J and again using HVAC-Calc on my own house. I came up with a load of 29,000 BTUH (total cooling). This was with "no inside shading" and "no outside shading" and with the design temp as it is built in to the program. I have a 2 1/2 ton unit (existing when I bought the house). We have what I call "Perfect Air Conditioning" - we just forget about it - we are comfortable. Yes, on a hot sunny day the unit runs what seems like all afternoon, actually it does cycle a bit, but not much. That is exactly what it is supposed to do.

    For my own customers, I have added 5 degrees to the outside design temp that was built in to the program. Summers seem to be getting hotter and not all customers will just set the tstat at 75 and leave it alone. I do explain to them the pitfalls of oversizing with the sales call. This often helps get me the job! I have done a load calc and I have shown how the 600 sq ft per ton folks can't possibly be right and can't possibly care about their true comfort level. Occasionally I have run into a customer who really feels they must have a larger unit. I give it to them. And with their agreement, we write "AC sized by customer" on the contract.

    Works for me Jerry, I think you have bought the best program available with the best support.

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    I do not want to try it!
    I spent $1200.00 two years ago for Elite software.
    Where was this info then?
    I take it that this program is considerably less?
    Mine works well, But hell it otta!

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    Geeez Coolman when I downloaded Elite a few years ago I didn't think I would ever get away from their sales calls.... I guess you did you bought the program...

    We all make mistakes but that doesn't mean you shouldn't look at something like HVAC-CALC ...

    If anything once you see it you'll recommend it to others and have them avoid the financial burden you express ?


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    Thumbs up

    Sold 2 more jobs on Friday strictly because I did the load calculation with HVAC-Calc and had the nice printout to show them. On one job I was the highest price and on the other I was the second highest. This program has been my best sales investment ever!

    No matter how much you spend on advertising, it is wasted money if you can't sell at a profit!

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    We have a special arrangement with HVAC Computer Systems for all of you, our HVAC-Talk Members! You can save $50 when buying both HVAC-Calc Residential and Commercial, that makes it only $628 total, including shipping and taxes, for two of the most useful tools you will ever find and as easy to use as a screw driver!

    Make sure you mention that you saw it on HVAC-Talk when you call 1-888-736-1101 or http://www.hvaccomputer.com


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    Originally posted by George F:
    Sold 2 more jobs on Friday strictly because I did the load calculation with HVAC-Calc and had the nice printout to show them. On one job I was the highest price and on the other I was the second highest. This program has been my best sales investment ever!

    No matter how much you spend on advertising, it is wasted money if you can't sell at a profit!


    I'm alittle behind here in responding to yur post ... Glad to see others using the program like I have... It's proved an excellent success in including a load caluclation with my proposal...


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    AllTemp Heating & Cooling

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    Richard PE Guest


    This is a very cool program, HVAC-Calc. I'm a computer engineer, and this is one of the best user interfaces I've used.

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    I have never seen a better program. I currently owned the 4.0 and the commercial program. What more can you ask for if he does a minor upgrade you can down load it free. I've owned the Lennox software, Elite and Calc Plus, my company gives me a free one to use, but I would rather pay for the best. I recommend it to all my customers. Just remember one thing (even with this fine program). Garbage in equals garbage out.

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    Don Sleeth is the man!

    I've thanked Don for his software on several occasions now. To all contractors looking to go a step closer to professional, this is a must. I am the only contractor in my area that does a load calculation for all my estimates. I've incorporated a micro-cassette recorder with a small clip-on mike, and walk out the house measuring every room and window, just talking out loud to myself. Then back at the shop I playback the recording and do the load calc. My customers have been brainwashed into thinking only utility company representatives have this skill, but I am changing that around these parts. I was wondering if we could get Don to tell the story of this program and his expertise that has been used by major manufacturers in the past, like Lennox. Why he lives in Canada and did any one MAKE him go there! Just kidding. Thanks again Don, The best money I ever spent on a TOOL! Take care,
    Randy Yates

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    Talking Technial Support!

    I found myself today knowing there had to be an easier way of calculating with the program HVAC-Calc some "What If Situations... My customer had informed me they would be changng out all the single glazed windows to an energy efficent dual glaze... My problem was going into the program and changin each and every window... I knew there had to be an easier way to do ! And I was right...

    Called HVAC-Calc on the telephone, on Sunday no less and got terrific support from Don , a few key strokes and I was styling : -) !
    AllTemp Heating & Cooling

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    I recently downloaded the trial version of hvac-calc to test on a house I'm planning to build with ICF type walls so I set it up in the program with ICF walls. Since I was curious how much the energy savings might be as compared to frame walls I went back through and converted all my walls to R19 with R5 sheathing to match the R24 built in for ICF walls. I was shocked when the program results said both the heating and cooling load would be almost twice as high using ICFs than it would be with frame construction! Has anyone else had any experience with heat/cool loads for ICF construction and does this make sense or did I make some blunder in using the program?

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    Gord Robertson Guest
    No, you definitely made a mistake, I have the $39 home use version and I just tried the same thing you mentioned. The ICF loads are smaller. I don't know what you did but I was able to make the comparison in just seconds with the "Change All" button, and the ICF loads are lower. If you own the program, call their support. They have the best support I have ever received for a computer program.

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