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    Bryant heat exchanger warranty

    I have a Bryant 340MAV gas furnace installed in our townhome around 1999 when the subdivision was built. It has recently stopped working... Error code 31. Tech came out and said my secondary heat exchanger is blocked/rusted out and the pressure switch stays open. He said these "builder's grade" furnaces are junk I can opted to get it replaced $ or he recommends me buying a new furnace. There is a bit of rust on the base of the furnace right under the condensation trap. He said this is a tall tell sign of the defective heat exchanger...but to me i think it was the bad hose connection from the trap. I fixed the hose myself by putting a 90deg elbow in it to eliminate the kink in the hose. Worked perfectly now.

    Googling around i found some mention of a class action suit against Carrier/Bryant about these heat exchangers. Does my furnace qualify? I am the second owner of the home. The tech guy that came out never mentioned anything about a warranty and they said they are a Bryant dealer.

    I live up here in Ontario Canada. Do the lawsuits matter where you live?
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