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Thread: trane question

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    Hmm trane question

    Installed a WCC060 yesterday and I was wondering; how does Trane recommend installing the power feed through the unit to the strip heat? I ran a piece of flex through to the heat section but I would really like to know how Trane wants it done.

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    Consider safety first. If the power entering the unit is live before the disconect, it should be installed in conduit and protected from being accidently cut into. Most of the details for electrical installations is in the IOM that comes with the unit, says to follow the NEC and local authority reguarding electrical installations. The very least is to protect the wire from damage.

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    Hi Aikenite,
    The power should enter at the electric heat section.
    Trane has run three power wires through the unit from the electric heat section to the control panel, you will find that they are black, blue and red in color and approximately 8 gauge wire. Wire nuts on both ends.
    That number 8 wire should be good for the compressor, condenser and evaporator fan motors and controls, but not enough for the electric heat. That is why the power should enter the electric heat section.
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