I am an HVAC instructor at Worcester Technical High school and I have a OLD single Flavor Taylor table top ice cream machine which was donated to the school. I use it for recruiting purposes when they bring students through on tours and for instruction in my classes. There is NO model number data plate on the machine and I am having problems with it breaking the plastic blades on the front auger pin only. The pin has been bent and I have had to unsolder it, straighten the pin and re-solder it. The pin diameter looks to be smaller than the back pin which may be from wear. I met a Taylor mechanic who was working at a restaurant and he told me the machine might need metal blades not plastic. Does any one have any information on older R12 single flavor table top machines? I will be happy to post pictures of the machine to try and identify the model so I can get replacement parts to keep it running. I am looking to identify the model so I can get a new auger if needed and the correct blades. The machine was not working when I got it. we got it working and replaced the Automatic expansion valve and fixed a leak at the compressor terminals. Now I am just trying to fix the blade problem. It makes some banging good ice cream! but breaks the blade after 2-3 days of operation. It does not brake them right away. Your help will be appreciated