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    Antique Whirlpool Ice Maker - In need of parts..

    Hello, looking for the large cuber cutter grids for an old Whirlpool ice maker. I am also in need of a part that controls ice thickness. The current Synchron controller motor does not turn anymore so it gets stuck in the ice. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Would Grainger maybe carry something compatible?

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    Have you tried Heritage Food Service? They usually can find parts for older food service equipment. That's the only place I get all of our parts for our equipment. Try them and ask for Laura in parts she's the greatest!!! Tell her Marty from Hobart College referred you. Good luck!!

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    Thank you Marty! I will give it a try.


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    You could use an evaporator control or delay timer with the Scotsman CM
    harvest motor timer to act as the ice thickness control. The grid could be a major problem. We had one but I haven't seen it in a while.

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    Ice Thickness control

    Thank you Doctor Ice. If you come across and find any cutting grids for these whirlpool cubers, please let me know. Appreciate the help. Mike

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