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Thread: Water Filters

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    Water Filters

    I have a chiller running 35gpm of 45 degree water year round. Specced in the prints is a 50 micron filter. The canister is a Pentek Big Blue #20. It takes a 20"x4.5" filter. I can not find a filter rated for the gpm I'm moving. So my question is what happens if you over gpm a filter? I'm assuming increased pd and less filter life. I can deal with that. I have the pump bypassed already to hold 35gpm and I can just change the filter abit more.

    I wish I could just through a bag filter in it, but from what I won't fit.

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    I've seen where just some of the water is fed through the filter. The thinking that after awhile all water would have been filtered. Bag filters do that a lot.

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