One of the measurements I make during Heat inspections is that of static pressure. The ideal static measure is: l 0.5l inches of water. So in a balanced return vs. supply it should be: l-0.25l + l+0.25l=l0.5l or simply 0.5 in wg. But this is rare if ever. Most of the time the return will be significantly higher than the supply. (-0.4/+0.1). Or since that heat is run at a lower speed the sum is significantly less than 0.5 in wg (-0.2/+0.07). Then on rare occasions I will get readings in the opposite extremes (-0.15/+0.4).
I would appreciate feed back for the following:
1.What diagnostic can be made from these example readings.
2. What potential equipment damage can result if left unaltered.
3. How would the supply and return be altered to change these readings to meet the ideal ranges.