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    Al Jazeera is not exactly fair and ballanced news by any measure....but this does show how every thing has 2 sides...GW says we won...Muslim TV says we lost.

    Zawahri says US defeated in Iraq: Jazeera TV By Firouz Sedarat

    DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda's deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahri said in a video aired on Friday that President George W. Bush's plans to withdraw troops from Iraq meant Washington had been defeated by the Muslims.

    He also criticized Islamist groups, including Egypt's banned Muslim Brotherhood, for believing in Western-style democracy and taking part in elections.

    "Bush, you must confess that you have been defeated in Iraq and in Afghanistan and you will be in Palestine soon," he said in the video broadcast by Al Jazeera television.

    Jazeera said the video by Osama bin Laden's second-in-command, which had English subtitles, carried the date of the Muslim lunar month which ended in December.

    "I congratulate the Muslims on Islam's victory in Iraq. I said more than a year ago that the Americans' departure from Iraq is only a matter of time," said the bespectacled Zawahri, who wore a white turban and sat next to an assault rifle.

    "But they are justifying their withdrawal by saying that the Iraqi forces have reached a satisfactory level."

    Bush's critics have demanded an exit strategy for a withdrawal from Iraq, where around 2,200 American military personnel have been killed since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion.

    Bush, who has refused to set a timetable for any withdrawal, said on Wednesday reducing troops in Iraq was possible in 2006 but that it would be based on the situation on the ground and decisions by military commanders, not on politics.

    Zawahri called on Muslim charities to directly help victims of last year's earthquake in Pakistan and not through Islamabad's government, which he accused of corruption.

    In Washington, a U.S. counter-terrorism official said: "U.S. intelligence is assessing the video tape. It appears to be a recitation of well-worn jihadist themes. There's nothing particularly new."

    Egyptian-born Zawahri said elections in his home country were a "U.S. game ... designed to mislead the Muslim public."

    "America tells Islamists: 'every time your behavior improves, we'll give you more (seats), until you become secularists with only a false affiliation to Islam'."

    In the elections late last year, candidates linked to the Muslim Brotherhood increased their seats more than five-fold to 88 of the 444 elected seats, confirming the group as Egypt's strongest opposition.

    "My Muslim nation, you will never enjoy free elections ... and governments answerable to their people ... unless you are liberated from the Crusader-Zionist occupation and corrupt governments, and that can only be achieved through jihad (holy war)."

    "As for U.S. agents who sold their religion and their people's dignity, the time has come for your punishment on the hands of the nation of mujahideen," he said referring to pro-Western Arab and Islamic governments.

    Bin Laden and Zawahri have eluded capture since U.S.-led forces toppled Afghanistan's Taliban government in 2001 after the September 11 attacks on the United States by al Qaeda.
    73% of Americans say that illegal immigration is a problem. The other 27% say, "No habla inglis!"

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    They've just been listening to too much liberal American and European media which bolsters their thinking they are defeating the U.S.
    Government is a disease...
    ...masquerading as its own cure…
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

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    Pull out all the troops

    Then nuke this news source.

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    zwarhi saying that is obviously rhetoric, and his own spin...
    to make america look weak, if they leave..
    while leaving open the criticism of them being occupiers if they stay...

    no matter what the truth in any statement is, it is the incompetence of the bushevik plan, that allows america to look bad no matter what we do, at this point...

    eventually, iraq will settle down.. either with or without a civil war between then and now...

    but in the eyes of many in the world,
    the last two years of america being bogged down in a thrid rate country.. has shown america to bnot be as powerful as we seemed before we went in there...

    the weakness of our occupation has given people solace in the non-invincibility of our military....
    the russians were bogged down in afghanistan, we were bogged down in vietnam. and now in iraq....

    everyone knows they can't take their army and face ours on the battlefield, but they also know that we can't quell insurgencies.

    and we have no benefit from fighting insurgencies.. it is costing us money and blood...

    and the gov't comin out of iraqi elections will likely be dominated by islamic shiites and kurds who are two groups that will be bad for what we want in the region.. for different reasons.

    the shiities will be tied to iran,and iran has been surviving just fine without us....

    the kurds have a desire for autonomy.... and they might get it... and the problem for us with that is...

    the kurds in turkey will want to get it too.. and in iran...

    and both of these countries have openly said, if the kurds in their countries try to gain independance.. there will be war.

    while the sunni's... also do not like the power of the shiites or the kurds....
    and the only ones we want in power, the secular shiites/sunnis are a minority.. bigtime. who will probably have little if any power.....

    we have lost the war on terror in iraq...
    it has just played into the rhetoric of the radical fundementalist recruiters, and made a legend of the illusive bin laden....

    and the outcome of iraq is anything but certain...
    at this point, if the elected gov't takes power, and the constitution takes effect... it will aslmost surely mean civil war... and then the power grab continues...and the worlds energy supplies are still in jeopardy.

    zawarhi says what he says, for propaganda value,

    but, bush did blow it in iraq...
    he lied to get there.
    he divided this country against itself
    he hastened our financial dependance on foreign investment.

    everything that has come of it, including the doubling of a barrel of crude oil, has hurt the american cause....

    and now, these dumbass incompetent republicans, need us to bail them out....because we can't allow the screw up to keep happening, it is our world. and you numbnut knee jerk republicans have just proven you are incapable of the task.

    the first way to fix the mess,

    starts with IMPEACHING BUSH

    throwing the republican bums out of congress
    and the pro war democrat bums too.

    the way to clean up around the world is to begin cleaning up at home first.
    then our diplomats will have some capital and a place to bargain from..
    we can demand again.. instead of pandering like the bushies have been doing.

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    You've got your chance coming up

    Elections next year.

    I'll be sure to keep an ample supply of crying towels near the DNC headquarters next election.

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    Just remember

    Hillary 2008

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    Oh don't blame Al Jazzera, they only report what Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid tell them to.

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    Originally posted by k_fridge
    Oh don't blame Al Jazzera, they only report what Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid tell them to.
    You Forgot

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    Originally posted by bb
    Originally posted by k_fridge
    Oh don't blame Al Jazzera, they only report what Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid tell them to.
    You Forgot

    Oh I did not need to see that! LOLOL

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    those goatherding morons call us "crusaders"so if we pulled out today or ten years from now they would say the same thing,might as well pull out now,right thru iran&sryia!!!!and be done with these inbred punks.

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