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    Can Outdoor Temperature Sensor be used Indoors?

    More specifically, can the TSTATXXSEN01-B Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor be installed indoors?
    I realize my display module will still read "outside temp" - but I'll know that it is actually displaying the temperature at the indoor location of the sensor.

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    My only question is why??

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    i would like to be able to read the temperature of an accessory building i have on my property (a workshop that is across the yard).
    I have no good reason, other than just wanting to quickly and easily be able to see the temp of my workshop

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    You can go to Home Depot or anywhere like that to get an "out door weather center" which has 2 units that communicate wirelessly. That should accomplish your goal

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    a great suggestion and probably easier and cheaper than my solution - although not quite as elegant...
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