So installed a ds 25 today and unit would not shut off checked all wiring 20 times over. Finally I called general air by the way none of the literature that came with the unit had any phone number at all. Thanks www. The support guy said the control board is no good. So I told him I will remove the unit and return it and get another. He said we will only give you a new board. I told him this is a brand new just out of box and the customer is going to be pissed. He says sorry we will only give you the board. So I say how much labor you going to give me to replace your defective board. He say's we don't give any thing for labor. Now I am really pissed called my supplier hope they can do something but I doubt it. Funny thing is the previous one I installed had the wires for the flush and fill reversed right out of the box. well I just needed to vent thanks ps will never buy another f ing thing from general air. I am going to use Nortec now