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    I had a job interview yesterday that I Thought went very well.The owner of the company asked many technical questions,Superheat,Subcooling and Refrigeration Cycle all of which I got right.A little background,I just completed Lincoln Technical Institute In Union,N.J and have 6 months job experience.The Owner of the company offered me $12.00 an hour,$3.00 less than my last job.Is this normal or am I crazy for thinking entry level with 11 month's of school and 6 month's work experience should make more than $12.00 an hour.

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    Sounds average. Maybe after 90 days he will bump you up some.
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    Hmm Job Interview

    I hope so.It's a great company that I feel I could learn and grow with.

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    Job Interview

    I hope so. It's A great company That I feel I could learn and grow in this industry.

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    You'll be suprised how quick your salary goes up. If you like the company I say take it.

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    How much are you making now?

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    I'm currently making $ 14.00 an hour for a horrible company that I'm definitely not staying at.

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    Originally posted by mr heat mizer
    I'm currently making $ 14.00 an hour for a horrible company that I'm definitely not staying at.
    Call the employer tell him that your ability and knowledge would work well within his company and you would really like to be considered ,but if he could give consideration to 13.00 per hour that you are currently making 14.00 .

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    Miskey error

    Hey outside rep It's a miskey not an addition error but thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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