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I thought this information would give you a good idea of what we have seen as recorded data from a plant which has had Endocube installed throughout the facility.

Large Refrigerated Warehouse-

900 Hp. High Stage 2 - Stage
225 Hp. Booster R-717( Ammonia ) 4- Penthouse Freezer zones / -3* 1- Hanging Evaporator Freezer / -4* 5- Hanging Evaporators / 40* dock
VFD Driven motors
6- Hanging Evaporators / 28* cooler 10- Hanging Evaporators / 36* cooler 2- Hanging Evaporators / 55* Rooms

System initially ran defrost 0n 18 to 24 liquid run time. After installing Endocubes on all evaporators in January defrost times were initially extended to 36 Hrs. with no frost build up after one week. The next test was done with defrost times at 96 Hrs. results the same. Final test was done at 168Hrs for 3- weeks, results same as above. Location in the Midwest United States

Due to extending defrost times system operated smoothly with consistent room temps within 2* to 3* of set point. Compressors did not experience large load swings due minimal hot gas defrost cycles. Over all the location experienced a kW reduction of 5% to10% and ambient was approximately 25% warmer than the previous year.

Note: Defrost times will vary with temperature and humidity of location but appears minimal expectation is double with cube over standard control.
Is this not the same plant, where you also changed the evap fan operation, to a forced draft off cycle defrost. (original fan control was off with thermostat)
Is also the same plant that had a very small hysteresis on the air thermostat control, along with no anti cycle settings.
So a simple change to the control algorithms, would achieve the same results for next to little to no cost.
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