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    Vulcan steamer cavity solenoids "buzzing" ?

    Does anyone have any tricks to reduce/eliminate the buzzing noise cavity solenoids on VSX/VHX series steamers make after a couple years wear?
    I work for the school system as Cafeteria Equipment Tech and our child nutrition parts budget is practically non-existent. I've tried tearing em down and cleaning with varying results.
    Does anyone have any experience luck with the rebuild kits holding up?
    I'd appreciate any help,my hairnets aren't happy when the solenoids are louder than the Thanks,David.

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    rebuild kits will work fine. My question is how hard is the water. That will determine more that most everything else how long it will last. lime in the tank will break off and first place it collects is solenoid

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    Our water quality is good.9/10 schools are on the county RO plant and I control water quality at the 10th(got my C well license,going for B on the 27th). I looked up Ascos website and found rebuild kits for $159 bucks.
    I then went to Graingers site and found a crossover Dayton valve,less coil,for 35 bucks.I'm wondering if I could get by with these,but would it bring the unit out of its NSF rating? also,how long would a 35 dollar valve last.
    I'm tempted to try one,since my equipment seems to go through several of these valves yearly.

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    rating wouldnt change or at least would be a minor concern. Not sure i would trust dayton valve but for 35 bucks it would be worth the risk. I am kinda spoiled in that i have three or four kits on my van now.

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    the Alco soleniod manual says for maintenence: disassemble and clean yearly or more often if needed.

    But buzzing might be from the coil being loose on the shaft
    If the superheat ain't right it ain't charged right.

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    Normally, buzzing would be caused from trash in the sleeve and/or plunger assembly. Also, have you checked to see if the coil has the proper voltage? That can be an issue, too.

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    I have never had any success with these valves when used on the Vulcan steamer. You should be able to get the valve without the coil from Graingers.

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