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    Older Heat-n-Glo flame extinguishes after 15-20 minutes.

    I have an older model Heat-n-Glo system Model 6000DVT. It was installed by the builder when I moved in my house back in 93. Sad to admit, I haven't done much with it as far as servicing over the years and that might be catching up to me. Now when I use the remote (mod. AT85P) to turn it on, I hear the click inside the fireplace, but the fire won't ignite. Eventually after 3 or 4 attempts, it will lite, but then go out after 15 minutes or so. I had planned to give it a good clean up to see if that will correct the problem. I have the gas already shut off at the cut-out lever and could use some input on what to inspec and clean. Thanks

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    You need to inspect your local resources for qualified service. This is not a DIY site. See Site Rules. Attempting to service this unit could result in fire or explosion to start with.

    Call a pro. Sorry.

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    H&G 6000 dvt

    i have to agree with Hearthman a service pro in fireplaces is needed i have worked on countless heat and glow products that need attention m.v problem,high''wc above 3.5 outlet side or to low causing delay igntion ,glass gasket deteriorate common for the older ones and many more issues regular service is the only way to be sure your gas appliance is safe and reliable

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    Did a full cleaning and dusting and wiped off the flame sensor. Alls working just fine now. Starts right up with one push of my remote

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    Ummmmm, you still do not know definitively what was the cause of your initial problem. There may be an issue still lurking inside that could be dangerous !!! Call someone that specializes in gas fireplace repair !!
    Common sense is NOT common !!!

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    old H&G

    im not familiar with older model 6000 that has a flame sensor, professional fire place technician needs to be called

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