First of all, this is a very informative sight and thanks to all who take the time to answer questions. Being a member of many other types of forums, I did alot of reading in the past few hours in the SEARCH section and I found quite a bit of info but I do have one question still.

I have a 1 stage heat pump and a regular OLD 1 stage furnace in my home. I installed, with the help of a friend, a VP TH8320. Under System Selection Type I have chosen option 12 which is 3 heat/2 cool heat pump with Aux heat. It has been working for a few weeks but I still am not sure if this was the correct option to pick.

My concern WAS that even though the temp would be way off it's programmed target, the oil furnace would never help the HP attain the target temp. Thanks to the search I now realize that it is normal so I guess I will turn the temp up a bit more at night.

So is number 12 the correct option for my type os heating/cooling system???? Thanks very much in advance.