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    I have just purchased a Rheem mod. I have been given conflicting advice. Should I leave the fan on all the time or set it to go on only when the furnace is on?

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    It's really up to you how you run the fan.

    If the modulating t-stat was installed, like it should be, the furnace will not turn off anyhow, so fan will run continuously.
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    Quick answer, leave it on, but only if you are willing to have the required maintenance done to your filtration system to keep it clean. The more you circulate the air through the system, the more often you will have to service your filters, and theoretically, (Depending on your filtration system) the cleaner the air in your space. If you do not keep the maintenance up correctly you are asking for problems with your system cleanliness and efficient correct operation.Of course, this applies in both cases!


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