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    Guess these 4 just won an express ticket to hell....sad what kids do now days.

    Police: Teens Planned To Burn 27 Stolen Baby Jesus Statues

    POSTED: 11:44 am EST January 3, 2006

    SAYREVILLE, N.J. -- Four teens stole 27 baby Jesus statues from Nativity scenes outside churches and homes and planned to burn them, police said.

    Two of the suspects, who ranged from 15 to 19 years old, said they acted out of boredom, authorities said.

    "They were looking for things to do," Detective Ken Kelly said. "They told us, 'We were going to have a baby Jesus burning party."'

    One suspect told detectives, "We just wanted to see their heads burning," Kelly said.

    The suspects, who were arrested Monday, face charges of theft, criminal mischief, destruction of venerated objects and conspiracy, and could face up to five years in prison if convicted.

    Robert Olson, whose 18-year-old son, Christopher, was charged, said he and his family were shocked by the arrest.

    "Although Chris is sometimes misguided, this was not something we expected out of him," he said.

    Olson said his son is unemployed and working toward resuming his high school education. The teen is on probation for a disorderly persons offense involving a disagreement with a neighbor, his father said.

    "I hope my son and the others will come to grips with what they've done and make full restitution and get whatever help they need to get rid of those feelings," Olson said.

    Frank Payne, whose 19-year-old son, Michael, also was charged, said bias was not a factor.

    "Michael has been hanging around with the wrong people," he said. "He goes to college. He's an outstanding young kid."

    Also charged were 18-year-old Nicholas Hess and a 15-year-old who was not identified due to his age, police said.
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    Nah. Ya don't go to hell for being stupid.
    No reserve. No retreat. No regrets.

    For those who have fought for it, freedom has a sweetness the protected will never know.

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    I wish it was not so:

    For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.

    Romans 1:21

    For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

    1 Corinthians 1:18

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    where you at?
    bible babble ROCKS...dude!

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    It's unfortunate that everyone completely misses the point for these kids. I could be wrong of corse but they are desperatly lacking something in their lives. I did stuff like that and worse when I was that age and only now am I coming to understand fully what my problem was. I desperatly wanted more out of life and wanted answers and no one had any answers or would give the time to even talk about the questions. I was having problems with my reality and surroundings and wanted to see what was out their and desperatly needed something more in the universe. I dared my fate and messes with ocult to see if their really was more to life than the mundain. It was a spirel into psycosis and it damaged me for sure but I now know and have great understanding.

    These kids need something that they are not getting, probably along the lines of what I needed back then. Punishment and humiliation is not the answer, it will only single them out as "bad" and propogate. These are our kids, they need our help and our experience, our friendship and understanding with out judgment. It is only the arogance of formal religion and religious people that would single them out and condem them for something like this. Their parents are probably self absorbed, self centered, and are neglecting them in some way. They need to be mentored and talked with and shown the world. They need to see the big picture and be inspired to do what makes their lives the most fullfilled, then they will have permanently prevented this behavior from hapening again in the future from these kids, but what I just stated here is way too hard for people and these kids arent worth the effort, right.

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    They need a kick in the ass . Who are you John Dr. Phil ?
    is this really happening or not

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    Kids raising kids...

    actually it is kids NOT raising kids....

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    Originally posted by double bubble
    They need a kick in the ass . Who are you John Dr. Phil ?
    OK so what, you kick there asses, then what? You think THAT is the answer, you think that is going to stop them. I remember in my freshman year or softmore, we had this new principal, Mr Stout, short guy but athletic. He liked to wait out behind the ticket booth to bust freshmans and softmores going "out" for lunch, whitch was against the rules. He did this for a time, till one day a gange of us( not me) waited and beat the ever living **** outa him, and he went back to his office empty handed and his suite all torn up, bleeding. He never hid behind the ticket booth again.

    You kick their asses and eventually they will grow up and kick the **** outa you and it will have propegated, and to what end?

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    I'm sorry, but those are NOT my kids. I, as a parent am my kids friend and helper, but more importantly, I am the authority in their lives.

    Children need guidelines and it's up to the parents to instill them into their children. Hopefully, the guidelines (morals) of the parent(s) are positive ones.

    It used to be that children were afraid to bring shame or dishonor to the family name. Unfortunately, many families have no honor to shame anymore.

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    They destroyed property that did not belong to them so they should be punished. if they were smart ( which obvioulsy they are not) they should have said that god said in the ten commandments no graven images and they were destroying them in the name of the lord bla bla bla.

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    let them

    Serve a few weekends in the local jail.

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    Punishment, of corse there must be consequeses for their action. No more servier than if they desicrated a hindue temple or budist temple though, fare is fare. Just because the predominant religion is cristianity doesnt make their crime more atroshess(SP?) than any other religios desicration.

    What I'm say is that the way we deal with and look apon juvinile behavior is inept. Like I said, I did these very things and more, got busted, hurt many people and was sent to one of those "shock" programs, where they lock you up in the jail with the hard core in-mates and have them yell at you for an hour. So what, big deal, I had comunity service and other group activities and counseling. All it did was give me a group meeting place with all the other hard core juvenile delinquents so we could all trade stories and phone numbers. Their needs to be something more, some sorta counseling but better, different. The one thing about councelors and all that is that they cannot reach juveniles because they are not juvenile, they are "adults" and therfore not "the same",.. they need someone they can trust and relate too who can show them more.

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    It is a societal problem

    One person kicking their ass won't help.
    The whole darn community has to kick their ass and hold them accountable.
    We as a society have become sheep to the "lord of the flies" mentality. Lawyers are ever vigilant for the opportunity to sue someone like the teacher who used to hide behind the booth. If he had laid a single finger on one of those kids, even in self-defense, it would have meant a lawsuit.
    When the society as a whole polices the behaviour of the children, we all live better.

    School fills their heads with so much "end of the world" BS it's a wonder more teens don't commit suicide.
    What's worse is the school system has become so complacent in its' discipline that students find the authority of teachers laughable.

    We don't need to understand them or their motivations.
    It's irrelevent in the grand scheme of things. Everyone has emotional turmoil in their lives, it must be taught early that no matter what you've got going on in your troubled little world, you have to behave responsibly.

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