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    i charge flat rate also and on the few time with and problem that cant be found go back one time fee till it is found. then they pay for the repair. to just change parts till you find it isnt fair to the coustomer nor does it allow for learning.

    you said he changed parts and then you think the gas valve was bad. but when you say it is still working means you arent sure it was the problem. probably was from what you have said but now the coustomer has paid for three calls and one control and one gas valve. how can this be fair to the coustomer? how is this fair to you also since you are the one being trained

    changing parts till the problem doesnt happen any more is not service.

    taking the time to find the problem and fixing it once is service. even if the repair has to wait till you can locate what is causing the problem

    honesty,quality,and fairness is what we should strive for

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    Originally posted by Toolpusher
    Originally posted by mike3
    Cust should not not have to pay for us to learn

    [Edited by mike3 on 01-04-2006 at 01:21 PM]
    It's not so much learning, or atleast it shouldn't be.

    It's a matter of having the unit act up while your on the job [/B]
    Thanx, I agree it shouldn't be a training call, however when you see parts installed and left in place it gives one pause.. Also I certainly understand the times when you can't duplicate problem while you are there. I guess I look at it from another angle since I work for gas co..Can't recall the number of calls I've had over the years that come out as "pressure problem" and you get there and the furnace has all new shiny parts and zillion dollar invoice sitting on the table and we find a spider nest in the orifice. Now do you think the dealer came back & removed parts??? Just an observation not an indictment

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    Originally posted by cmorris

    Changed the valve and now the system is working fine. My question is I know that problems have to happens when we're there but what do you do when there is a problem but not when your there?

    Thanks, Clay
    How many day's since you changed the valve?

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    Smile repeat calls

    When faced with multiple service calls on the same complaint or within a short period of time, you'd do well to bite the bullet and run through a thorough systematic checklist. Go through everything from gas piping, valves, sizing, meter capacity, inlet pressure studies under load, etc. then full electrical from power coming in through the system, then controls including every switch, contact, & gizmo and burner orifice spuds, primary and secondary air, pressures, cleanliness, firing, and then venting all the way out. Don't forget makeup air and house pressure diagnostics. This may seem like a lot but it cuts to the chase, leaves no stone unturned, and minimizes customer frustration. If it works, you turn lemons into lemonade.


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    read flashes

    If you have a problem like that you keep cycling the furnace until it shows up. When the controller locks out it points to where the problem is..(flash, flash, flash)\


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