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    I and my family live in southern California. We are soon to start a major addition and remodel. The house will expand from a single story 1800sqf to 2 story 3700sqf. 2 story is is opened below to lower story in some areas.

    I do need some help with the heating and cooling of this house. Normally we use the heater from November to May. At least we let the thermostat control the temp. During the summer we occasionally use the AC. We rather open windows to cool the house, unless it gets too hot.

    The questions I have are:

    I'm debating between a gas furnace and heat pump. Does our weather condition favor one over the other? Also, how is the heating different between the two systems? E.g. lower temp, lower air volume...

    I'm also debating between two systems (for each story) or a zoned system. In theory I like the idea of zoned system. But I don't know what the practical pros and cons are besides the marketing hype.

    I know that I will have to get a Title 24 report. How important is whether I use gas/heat pump and 2 system/zoned system for their calculations?

    I would like to hear any opinions and suggestions from the more experienced gents on this site. Thanks.

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    Fingers were too fast. I forgot to ask one question.

    I would like to place the equipment in the attic. How much room is typically needed to house the equipment. I've heard a size of 30" x 30" x 10ft. Does this sound in the ballpark?

    Thanks again.

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