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    From much appreciated replies to previous post I'm saddled with an oversized HP, 5Ton vs 4Ton. The noise is extreme, dealer over his head. It has been suggested to add/enlarge ducting to reduce noise. House has 16 - 2 X 12 registers for supply. They are already 17% undersized compared to area of 6" ducts. Am I correct in assuming increased duct diameter to exisiting registers will be ineffective? Removing registers does not affect noise. Restriction ofcourse continues in the ducting. Enlarging registers requires hacking up ceramic tile floors in some areas.

    Also noteworthy: I planned on removing an out-of-use humidifier to leave a 12" x 17" hole in a 8 x 24 main duct 2 feet from air handler. I was going to slide a new section of metal over the hole until the noise returned. The idea was to determine requirements for new duct dimensions to reduce the ESP. Leaving hole totally open did not appreciably change duct noise elswhere in house. I assumed that if over pressure was the problem, such a gaping hole would have reduce pressure. Is my noise more than likely fan resonance?

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    Is that 8 x 24, the only main trunk you have?

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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    After reading your previous post and this one, You can put all the band-Aids on it you want. It’s not going to work properly and cost a lot to run.

    Get another contractor in and have this system completely looked at.

    Start with a proper heat load/loss calculation. Have the equipment sized to the building.

    If the ducts are to small then they will have to be replaced.

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    Undersized ducts will remain a problem, but if you slow the fan speed you will probably reduce the air noise. Make the contractor fix the problem by installing the proper sized unit or change out the duct work to make the system work properly. They should have checked the duct system before increasing the size of the equipment, it should be up to the contractor to make it right, even if it will cut into or eliminate his profit.
    Good luck
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