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    alright, so heres what its doing. the ignitor turns on and hums a while like it always does, the burner kicks on, the fan turns on for a couple seconds, then it all shuts down and restarts and does it all over again. this happened continously untill i removed the thermostat, figuring that could be the problem, saw nthing obvious then re-installed it. the furnace ran fine until it reached 68 degrees, where it was set. then it wouldnt turn back on untill i turned the switch off and then back on again, then it went back to the original problem. could this be a bad thermostat? help! i cant imagine what it will cost to have a repair man come out on new years eve!

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    If you dont have much knowledge in furnace repair it is worth hiring an expert to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in the event there is a larger problem.

    I had a similar problem with my furnace and it turned out that the combustion exhaust fan was froze up. If this happens it will not allow the gas valve to turn on. Maybe your problem is intermittent. Check to see that the combustion exhaust fan is turning, or that you have power to it when the igniter turns on if it is not turning. If it is turning you may have an air switch not functioning properly. The exhaust fan is a small fan in a smaller duct beside the combustion chamber of your furnace (depending on the age of your furnace).

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    make and model?

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    it's an Ammana 80SV, only about 4 years old i believe. currently it seems to be running just fine. why; i have no idea. i like to make myself believe that things fix themselves on occasion, so i guess ill just wait and see for now, and maybe ill get lucky. thanks for the tips on what it could be though, im for sure going to be looking for all that if it keeps up. if not, ill sell the house in the spring when its not running and bail out! ha, just kidding. thanks again.

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    Don't worry it'll quit again! Do yourself a favor and call someone to come out and give it a proper cleaning and check the system over completely.


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    Geez, I hope you don't have a wife and kids living there with you.

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    Originally posted by nickgodfrey
    i like to make myself believe that things fix themselves on occasion,
    Alot of people like to think that.

    Then they call late at night and complain that they have a kid thats sick and need it fixed right away, and then complain about the overtime rate.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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