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    I am replacing my old oil furnace in my home with gas. The furnace will serve as "backup heat" as I also have a heat pump. It is a ranch home 1900 sq. ft., and a basement I would like to someday finish. Winters are mild here in western NC, with temps occaisionally in the teens.

    OK, so I have had a few estimates so far. One estimate has yet to return. The other two estimates were written right at the time of the visit. Both guys were very professsional, and did a great job addressing my questions and concerns. Their proposals were a bit different, however.

    The first company reccommends a high effeciency, 100,000 BTU furnace, by York. This furnace, however,is standard, single stage, not variable speed. This company also offered a lower priced goodman furnace, also 90% efficient.

    The next company was representing Trane. He was the only one to look in the attic, and noticed our insulation was sparse (4-6 inches deep). He stated this would make a difference with his calc.. I told him that I would blow more insulation inthe attic. His reccommendation was Trane XV80, which was variable speed. It was, however only 80,000 BTU and 80% efficiency. He also reccommended humidity additions and a choice of air cleaner, I am leaning toward the media cleaner over the much more pricy electronic cleaner.

    It seems liken some combination of these 2 estimates is my pick. Lower, likely more accurate BTU, and higher efficiency.

    Sorry for the length, I am trying to learn as much as possible. Any help would be gretly appreciated.


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    I would go with the contractor that performs a heat load. The guy who over sizes your furnace is NOT doing you a favor

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