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    Originally posted by t527ed
    had a combination exhaust,light, nightlight and heater in my last house. 11 x 9 bathroom 2 outside walls. heated up pretty fast while in shower.
    Assume this combination was mounted in the ceiling? We had one of these units in the bathroom ceiling of our last home and it worked great.

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    ceiling mounted, not much larger than regular exhaust fan.

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    Originally posted by cem-bsee
    PP & illegal to have lights over shower or tub -- esp bare bulbs --
    Code OK if the fixture is listed for wet locations. There is the requirement for following manufacturer's instructions, which often means a GFCI on the circuit - not always though.

    Of course this all depends on your AHJ and what year NEC they're on. Some want to see listed for "showers", others "wet locations".. this is definitely something you need to check with your AHJ on.

    (edited to clarify)

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