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    I'm in Tennessee. Anyone know if it's legal? I've got a real estate agent who doesn't know and I'm new to Tennessee.


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    Selling the house with a cracked HX would most likely be legal (it would not be against the law here CO).

    Non-disclosure of the cracked HX will get you in BIG trouble.

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    immoral, you reap what you sow.

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    Anything is leagal (with the exception that it is deemed unlegal, like selling drugs or robbing a bank) if the buyer and seller have full disclosure and are totally aware of the conditions of the item, house, being sold.

    The seller, for their own protection, needs to document this problem to the nth degree with a ton of signatures from the seller to hold then harmless in all cases and that a price reduction was made as a compromise by the sellers for this "defect."
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    I don't know in TN. Some states have mandatory disclosure of defects, others don't. Even if you could do an "as is" sale with only the Federal (lead paint and asbestos) disclosures, I would mention the HX crack since you know about it. Even if you don't have any liability for not disclosing, IMHO it's pretty sleazy not to.

    If you insist on trying to hide this defect, you really need to talk to a real estate lawyer who knows the laws in your state and can give actual legal advice.

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    really depends on local codes. some towns in nj require heater be certified for house to be sold. if cracked seller buys a new furnace. other towns could not care less.

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    Real Estate rules require full disclosure, if something is kept from the buyer, they have recourse against the seller and agent.

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    I don't know about whether it would be legal or not in your state. If you know about it and sell the house this way and somebody dies you may be responsible. Let's think about karma and what you would like if you were buying the house. All I can really say. I know you will do what ever you want to do anyway.

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    Unlawful is against the law. Illeagel is a sick bird.
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    Thanks for the input!

    to clarify: I'm NOT the Seller of this house. I'm a potential BUYER and I'm trying to get as much leverage for getting this antiquated 1989 system thrown in the trash - where it belongs. If anyone has any tips, I'm all ears. This is my first house so I'm open to advice.

    It seems that the seller's agent couldn't care less about the dangers involved with the unit. I think that's as immoral as it gets!


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    What makes you think the HX is cracked?

    Or are you just trying to lower the sale price?

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    antiquated 1989 system thrown in the trash

    That's only 16 years old. Replace if if you want to. But how did you come to the conclusion that the heat exchanger is cracked?

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    I had it inspected by an HVAC pro. He ran tests. I'm going on his word.

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