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    direct vent termination kit questions

    have a Hunter HDV31 direct vent gas fireplace and since Hunter went out of business and was purchased by Monassen. I was told to buy Monassen's direct vent termination kit. It comes with a 4 foot flex vent and I need 12 feet in total and the company gave me a 10 foot flex vent and told to attach together with inner and outer adapter that is included in the kit. Is this acceptable to use that vent kit and attach the 2 vents together. The instruction is unclear on attaching the 2 together.

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    If you do put two lengths together, make sure to seal the joints with a high temperature sealant like this-

    Also, make sure you stay within the approved venting guidelines for that unit.

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    Thank you for the answer. Just to be clear you are saying that it is okay to use the Monassen termination kit with my fireplace.

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    Technically speaking, you should only use a vent kit that is tested and approved for the exact fireplace model you are installing.

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    good answer fire_part

    in general a rise of 12'' vertically a 1'' +/foot horizontal is a good rule check the installation manual

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    If you want to deviate from the factory specified vent kit, I would contact your local gas inspector and ask him what he will approve. In any case the original manufacturers specs must be adhered to.

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    Hunter went bankrupt in 2002 and was not purchased by Monesson or any other company. If you want to use any other venting on it you should check with your local authority having jurisdiction and see if they will allow the use of another companys vent termination. Hunter's used Z-Flex venting for their flex and they still make the same flexible vent sizes. It is just the terminal that would be in question. ( By the way I worked for Hunter for 8 years.)

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