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    3m Filtrete vs Honeywell pressure drop

    Hello. I am trying to track down the pressure drop for the 3m filter 20x20x4 to compare it to the Honeywell but can't locate any numbers from the manufacture. The closet I get is an article saying the filters fall within acceptable range. Does anyone know the numbers for the 1550 model? Also any preference? From reading other threads it looks like some people don't like the 3m filter because of pressure drop so I was wondering if the Honeywell is any better numbers wise.


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    I am also not a fan of the 3M, they say replace every 3 months when it is more like replace monthly with those things. 3M you just pay for their name, even though Honeywell is also a big name I feel a better value with 3M. Sadly, I have no pressure drop data to back this up for you.

    Not entirely scientific but...

    The 1" 3M had a pressure drop higher than that of the 5" and was rated "high airflow" if that tells you anything about them.
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