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    Sub Contractors

    What percentage of installers out there work as sub contractors? Would it be better for me to work for a company or work for myself.

    I think they both have merits, if i work for a company i have to rely on there sales team and marketing. If I work for myself I can go where the work is but would have to find work.

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    If you have the experience of sucessifully running a company, then work for yourself. If you don't, work for someone else. Running your own company takes a lot of training in running a company. 25% of companies don't get to a year, 55% don't get to 5 years and 70% of all companies don't get to their 10th year.

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    Subbing it.

    Thanks do you sub contract? If most people don't work for themselves out there there must be a reason.

    I imagine that most non subs find it difficult to find work or cannot be bothered with the hassle of calling up dealers for work. I personally think I can handle the hunting for work

    Does anyone know if there is a way to find out how many installer are fully employed vs sub working for themselves?

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    We're a start-up (just under 1 year) and we have worked as a sub a few times under GC's at a college, a hospital. Not a bad way to go. Once we did the work and the GC's and other trades saw what we could do it brought more opportunity. With those types of jobs we couldn't get in by ourselves because the contracts are so large and all enncompassing... for us it is a win-win.

    We have also done some commercial installs we bid and won on our own. Difference in effort was minimal... paperwork, coordinate, follow-up, schedule, etc... it all keeps me busy LOL

    Good luck to you, I'll be watching your post to see what other feedback you get

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    You have to study your market. Can your market support another hvac company or are there to many already. What is your target base? New homes being built equal new customers. Good luck to you.
    "Here in Carolina We Get-R-Done"

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