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    Rheem Inshot Burner Corrosion Explanation

    I have seen many RGRA, or UGRA 90% efficiency furnaces with rusted/corroded inshot burners. They are ALWAYS on LP. I am helping a friend out that has the same problem, it lights the first 4 or 5 burners but doesn't make it all the way across to all 7 every time (105,000 BTU Furnace). The gas pressure is between 10-10.5" w.c. everything else on the furnace is within the correct operating specs. I was a service tech and have been out of the field for a few years and was wondering if Rheem has changed anything to correct the problem. If so what did they do?

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    That's been a problem with lots of furnaces. Many went to stainless steel burners for LP use. Not sure if Rheem did or not.

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    Corrosion is the enemy and the root of your problem this time around. Many manufacturers over the years have used stainless steel in the burner assemblies for units that were going to be LP fired. LP gas has more moisture in it than natural gas. Most if not all inshot burners today are the same, LP or natural, so replacement is about the only viable option if corrosion is severe enough. You will need to contact an HVAC contractor who has access to Rheem/Rhuud service parts.
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    Are both the intake and exhaust pipes connected to furnace? Usually they are only using an exhaust and drawing intake from a damp basement which increases corrosion a lot. Increasing moisture (H2O) into a hydrocarbon burning appliance will cause corrosion and sooting. Seldom do we see corroded burners in sealed combustion furnaces with outside intake pipes.

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