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    I was just wondering what hvac jobs pay in the St.louis area. After 7 years of welding on a production line they decided to close the doors. The good thing is that I am eligible to go to school and the government is going to pick up the tab plus be able to draw unemployment for up to two years. I know that I will never work in a factory again and I just want to know if this is a good field to work in and if having welding experience would be an asset. Also what pays more commercial or residential and which one has better working conditions? Any infomation would be helpful.

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    having that welding experience is a big plus if you can hook-up with a commercial/industrial company with those big chillers on exsisting contracts.the only kicker there is the UNION might want to look into getting with an HVAC contracting company that does commercial installs especially the water cooled/chiller jobs so your experience is used(mostly union shops).forget residential your lucky to use a TURBO torch on a good day...try cold calling the BRAND name service groups Trane,Carrier,York in that area and push that welding experience they do plenty of it during Winter maintanence getting the stuff ready spring 2006.if you get a foot in...doing winter work is typically in a machine room with a gang box for month per contract...punching tubes,changing oils,repairing pumps..then they need a welder some place and BINGO!think about it.try some of these in your area...check out Ricotta Mechanical which would be considered a commercial/industrial contractor that might be interested in your welding experience

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    Welcome to the forum. You'll love it here.

    What are your welding skills? Have you welded pipe before? If you have, you should have some productive skills to offer an employer right now.

    union shops are fine if you are interested in the big jobs. They train their own people. The advantage you have is your welding skills because they can put you right to work.

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