I do most of the controls toubleshooting at Perdue Farms Ammonia and HVAC units in operation. I became fustrated when troubleshooting an AEPT030-00A-1 air handler. Going through all the steps and verifying the power head on the motor (an unpluggable device) was bad, and then told by Goodman that the whole shebang has to be replaced..motor and all. This seems to be the difference between a $200 part and a $500+ part. Why the need for all the extensive troubleshooting and motor disassembly to determine which half is bad if either part is not available individually? This was the whole brainchild of GE ECM motors to make these units easier to service. You just pull the head and leave the blower intact, and save the customer money to boot. Goodman does not support the replacement, but are there any out there that carry this module? So much for savings the motor provided, hah!