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    Advice on conversion to gas

    I just received a quote to move from oil to a gas steam boiler. The contractor is recommending a Weil EG-65. As I know less than squat, are there good competitors (and less costly) that I should be looking at?

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    No such thing as a cheap steam boiler.

    Burnham, peerless are competitors of Weil Mclain.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    The wetheads on another forum recommend using a wetbase boiler with a power gas burner for steam.

    The real key is proper sizing and piping. You can get by with a hacked in gas boiler. You pipe a steam boiler wrong and there will be problems. Make sure you are dealing with a steam expert.

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    What about a williamson?

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    Unlike sizing conversions with warm air

    That need a good heat loss calc, steam boilers need to be sized for the "connected load" ( how many square feet of radiators are on the system).
    Ask the contractor what your connected load is! If he stutters, better get a second opinion
    Now when you compare the room heat loss to the rad in the space, that may prompt some additional conversations with a contractor who understands steam.

    Just like any system, the pipe hanging off of the boiler makes or breaks the job.
    So the F&Ts, end of the line vents or any of the devices that let the air and water out while keeping the steam in are key, so be prepared to review it all.

    Good luck finding a good steam person. They are few and far between. Lucky enough to know a good one in my area. Too many (mostly plumbers) only think they know what they are doing
    You have got to learn from other people's mistakes! Because God knows you don't live long enough to make them all yourself !!!!!!!!

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