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    Purchasing townhome with Carrier FA4CN030 & 24ABR330A320

    Did a prepurchase inspection of a 3 level townhome in South Florida which has 2 Carrier units. I had an AC inspector with me. The third floor was warm and humid. I noticed the A/C was not working on the third floor. The builder had a LUXPro or Simple Comfort thermostat on the second unit. Can't remember which thermostat was on which unit. I nudged the thermostat down to 67 & the A/C kicked on. The unit was cooling and the A/C pro declared everything was fine.

    Nothing seemed wrong when the A/C was working. If I go through with the purchase what type of better Carrier thermostat can be installed by an A/C repairman.

    Carrier A/H FA4CN030
    Carrier outside unit 24ABR330A320


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    You have many choices. For example, if the thermostats are not installed in the optimal locations, you can have stats with remote sensors installed. You can have digital programmable stats that have adaptive learning.

    Sit down with an HVAC contractor and consider your options, and a good preventive maintenance visit, too.

    You don't have to use a Carrier branded stat, either.
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