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    I am a student with a question

    I recently picked up a furnace to work on and get some practice with and there were no panels on it. I am wondering if someone knows how to find a schematic for a Heil furnace, Model number NUGG050AD01 Serial number H626 78679. Any help would be great. I have went to site and there are a bunch of cats on there. Also went to Heil-Quaker Corp. site and couldn't find anything there.

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    I don't have any leads but I'll do some looking and see what the member rundawg has.

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    not sure why that banner is above you post?

    that said...........................

    why not make your own??????????????
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    I am trying to make my own but there are a few wires that are broken. We just started working with schematics so I am not that good at it yet. We are in week 4 of class, just starting to get into the wiring part of it. One of the wires that is broken is for the limit switch. I can follow the wire from the limit switch to the transformer, then I believe the other one goes to the gas valve??? It just looks different from the furnaces in school.

    As far as my name, it's one I've had for a long time. Just a habit to use it as a screen name.

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