This may be one of my only few posts, but I mainly just read through the forums for information. Recently, I was able to get a bunch of leftover stock from a business who called it quits. All the merchandise is brand new and unopened. Pictures are available, but mainly all you will see is the brown/white box with the model tag on it. Here is a list of all the items I have available...

NS-BTB7002-0 (80x120 Network Sensor w/Screw terminals) QTY-9
NS-BTB7001-0 (80x120 Network Sensor w/Modular jack) QTY-2
TE-6300W-102 (Thermowell Assembly, 6")
TEC2616-4 (FCU Thermostat, Replaces TEC2616-4) QTY-2
Kele DCP-250-D (120v to 24v DC Power Supply) QTY-2
AP-VMA1420-0 (Elec Motor Actuator) QTY-2
MS-VMA1620-0 (Actuator Assembly) QTY-2
MS-FEC1611-0 (Field Equip Controller) QTY-2
MS-FEC2611-0 (Field Equip Controller) QTY-2
Kele UCS-421E (Sequencer Control Module,Four Stage)
VG1241AD + 9T4AGA (1/2" 2W BALL VALVE 1.2CV)
AS-UNT110-1 (Unitary Controller w/8 BO's)
AS-UNT1126-0 (Modular Unitary Controller w/6 BO+2 A0's)
T22AAA-1C (Heating Thermostat)
A70HA-1C (Temp Control Manual Reset) QTY-2
NS-DTN7083-0 (Discharge Air Sensor, 8")
NS-DTN7043-0 (Discharge Air Sensor, 4") QTY-4
MS-IOM3710-0 (Input/Output Module, 24 VAC)
MS-IOM3711-0 (Input/Output Module, 12 Point)
MS-IOU4710-0U (Multipurpose IOM)
CD-W00-00-1 (Wall Mount C02 Transmitter)
HE-67P3-0N0GO (Outdoor RH Transmitter w/temp)

Thats all I have for right now, If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Price Depends on location and if multiple items are purchased.