The floors are all lightweight concrete with the gray plastic pipe inside the floor. You know the type that allows oxygen to enter the system. There are no emitters? I assume you mean like a baseboard heater inside the house. The pump is a Taco brand and there is an expansion tank/air separator in the system. The distribution system is a copper manifold with 10 manual valves that allow me to shut down flows to each zone.There is only one thermostat for the entire system which is located only 10 feet from the wood stove. By the way did I mention that last year I replaced the wood stove with a free standing propane powered stove, Hearthstone brand i believe. I understand that radiant and wood or propane stoves are a bad combo to have but the original owner did not understand that and when I moved in it was cheaper to feed the wood stove than replace/upgrade the boiler. So the radiant system has been only used to warm certain floors in the house.
The homeowner/builder apparently ran out of money when he built the house so the planned boiler was substituted with a hot water heater. Now I want to revamp the entire system with a correct boiler, air separator system and heat the entire house with the radiant. Is there someway to add additional thermostats and change out the valves to something automatic? Or should I stick with the manual system? The questions just keep coming??? Where do I stop.
The house is a two story, concrete floors throughout. The floor covering is 70% carpet and 30% tile. There are lots of double pane oversized windows throughout which were designed to take in the views. The first floor is 30% slab on grade and 70% crawl space. The water heaters are under the house in an unheated space. We see some snow in the winter and temps. rarely dip below 30*F but can get into the teens on an occasional Jan?Feb storm.
Let me know if you need more info.
Thanks again