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    My name is Ralph and I live in Southern NJ. I have been doing HVAC for about 6-7 years on and off. I also have 3
    and a half years in the Navy.

    Mainly Residential work I have experience in. Installation
    and some service. A very good understanding of oil heating
    hydronics and forced air. Was out on my own doing oil
    heating. A good amount of cooling service along with gas heating.

    My main objective is to work for a company who is serious
    about doing the right thing. Doing honest buisness,
    mainly doing the job right.

    Selling an upgraded A/C system without upgrading the
    lineset is bad buisness and is dishonest.

    Also a decent crew who don't have personal issues.
    Egos, know it alls, concieted,

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    send me an email and i will give you a couple names
    are you im ocean county
    my email is in my profile

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    I live in Camden County.

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    Are you willing to re-locate to southeastern NY. Let me know at

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    Re: tinknocker....

    Originally posted by serious player

    I live in Camden County.
    the only co i can think of near you is presision air
    near fort dix

    i am mainly monmouth and ocean

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    Sounds to Good to be true!

    someone taking pride in their work!
    Great customer service is a lost art!
    good company's come n go
    great service can outlast those same companies longer,
    In Vegas, the companies like it not to last, so they can
    make more money!
    the life of a condensing unit here, is 3-5 years
    due to unqualified guru's

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